Continuing my new “series” of sharing links and other spots of interest from around the web…this could be called the blizzard edition as many of these clicks were explored as the snow piled up…

A fun bookworm forecast for the snowy weekend...

A fun bookworm forecast for the snowy weekend…

A pre-blizzard reminder of the Danish concept of hygge – roughly translated as “that cozy feeling.” This was a goal when I hunkered down and enjoyed the excuse for a snow day.

A blizzard prayer from a friend’s wife in DC.

The case for doing nothing when a blizzard descends.

How can you not smile at the sight of the National Zoo pandas in the snow?

A bit of background on the Tasty videos that are inundating our Facebook timelines. The real question is how many people make these recipes? (And at what level of success?)

A good “3 basics points” about the THM plan that I’m undertaking.

Tissue alert – this sportswriter’s story of how his family handled the still birth of a baby near Christmas and the community of faith that carried them through it will bring out the emotions in you. What an amazing testimony! (And the video of “It Is Well” embedded in the article is worth the watch, too.)

A great story about Speech from Arrested Development & his journey from “Tennessee” to the arts school that he runs in the ‘Ville. (Fun side note: when I was doing some temp work during a college break, I had a gig at his production company office cataloging fan mail.)

What links & likes have you perused on the interwebs recently?