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As August comes to an end there are all sorts of signs to remind you that fall is just around the corner…my sister began her 16th (!) year of teaching early in the month…dear kids are heading back to school…here and there you see a few leaves that are starting to change…there have been some crisp breeze moments…pots of mums are at the store to bring home…in the midst of it all, these are the some of the things that filled my August days…

Summer reads

Summer reads

Reading…an eclectic assortment…more details in a September twitterature round-up…I maybe got carried away with library requests & my appetite of books to read is out-pacing my ability to read them within the due dates…Rules of Civility had languished on the Kindle for so long – it was the perfect read for my “Meet Me in Milwaukee” travels…among the other reads: The Lincoln Myth and The Energy Bus

Listening…Packers preseason games on the radio online (if only it would stream through iDevices)…enjoying the One Republic iTunes Session (in addition to their current album)…a couple of audio books have also been coming through the earbuds…

Watching…Mercer’s first football game of the season – thrilled that all their home games will stream on the Watch ESPN app…enjoying The Honorable Woman mini-series on the Sundance Channel….The Lumineers Live at Red Rocks was a fun find while browsing the channel guide…

Crafting…I’ve called a “do over” on my Brewers Crackerjack – the reality is that 4 rows per game was too much, the scarf would end up being way too long…so I’m starting over – this might be football knitting for a while but I definitely do want to see this to completion

Browsing…a few good reads online this month: the story of a Korean KC Royals fan traveling to Kansas City and capturing the hearts of everyone; on becoming a London cabbie; on ending the round the clock attachment to work email; Ralph Waldo Emerson on friendship

Simple & Satisfying Supper

Simple & Satisfying Supper

Cooking…A bit late to the party, I finally tried the “Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Spiced Yogurt Sauce” recipe that has been floating around – delish! A simple & tasty baked eggs & roasted tomatoes dish is a great “any meal” option.

Sipping…Adding a heaping teaspoon of cinnamon to my coffee as I cold brew it…

Preserving Summer

Preserving Summer

Preserving…a bit of summer sunshine is neatly tucked into jelly jars for holiday gifts…Spiced Honey Tomato Jam & Vanilla Cantaloupe Jam

Dining where George Washington dined

Dining where George Washington dined

Noshing…quite a bit of frozen custard…enjoying simple meals of local farm fresh produce…a delicious grilled pork chop with grilled peaches at a local tavern where George Washington dined…

Traveling…2 trips to Wisconsin for some family summer fun

Remembering Grandma

Remembering Grandma

Remembering…Grandma would have turned 100 this month. On the day after her birthday, we noticed that the bing homepage featured the beautiful floral carpeted hills where Grandma & Grandpa posed for one of my favorite pictures. We all agreed that it was a delightful way to remember a delightful woman!

Looking Ahead…a quick business trip to Florida is coming up soon…are you ready for some football?…attending a Mercer away game…figuring out what Packers game to attend…planning holiday gift knitting…

Linking up with Leigh Kramer for the monthly “What I’m Into” round-up.

What are you into these days?

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  1. I like cinnamon in my coffee too, but haven’t tried adding it when cold-brewing. Do most of the particles filter out with the coffee grounds? I like the flavor but not the floating bits.

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