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One Community: April 2014

The words chosen for One Community to celebrate the start of April are perfect for this time of year – they celebrate the arrival of spring and the promise that the new season holds: SPRINGFLOWERSPURPLERISE

Now that all the snow is finally (!) gone from around here, signs of spring are starting to appear. Among all of the downed trees and limbs from the winter, there are glimpses of green and buds pushing through the dirt an onto limbs. The most evidence so far is the light coating of pollen on my dark colored car. In the absence of grabbing local pictures, I’ll pull some pictures from my March travels to Washington DC & London.

Spring | While enjoying some sight seeing via double decker bus on a Monday afternoon, I saw numerous green parks in London that just seemed to “scream” spring is here – the lush green lawns, the bright yellow of daffodils in bloom, people out & about in the parks.

Flowers | My quick trip to Washington DC last month was just ahead of when the famous cherry blossoms are in fully bloom explosion. While walking past the Native American museum, we saw this bit of bloom starting to emerge.

Purple | The only purple in this travel collection is a blurry shot of huge orchids in the Conservatory at the National Botanic Garden.

Rise | Amelia Earhart’s plane at the National Air & Space Museum. Pretty much every where you looked in the museum, “rise” was an appropriate word.

Connecting with One Community – to learn more about this monthly photo blog link-up, Sarah’s host entry has all the details.


  1. Great photos! I agree, all that green just screams Spring! (Aren’t you glad?!) Sorry you missed the cherry blossoms but just a few days, it looks like.

  2. Too bad you were early for the blooms! It is quite magnificent in the Tidal Basin when it’s at full bloom. However, I went on Saturday (great weather, peak bloom) and it was BEYOND packed with people. Didn’t even bother trying to fight the crowds. Lucky for me, I live 40 min away so I can always try again next year.

  3. I visited the Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio and had a really enjoyable time. The National Air & Space museum looks very interesting as well. I looked for Amelia Earhart artifacts when I was in Dayton and unfortunately they didn’t have any.

  4. Cool photos! I especially like that shiny red plane. xx

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