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Another month has come to an end…for being the shortest month of the year, this February also had points in time where it seemed very long. As we move towards March (and spring?!?), here’s a bit of “What I’m Into” for the month…

February Moments

Reading…As I mentioned in my Recently Read post, my focus was on books that I already owned. Not quite as many finished as I had hoped – but making progress.

Watching…Way too much of the Winter Olympics…a House of Cards Season 2 marathon…I finally saw Frozen and thoroughly enjoyed it – a good Disney musical

Crafting…I’m nearing the finish on a new shawl – I started it on Super Bowl Sunday and kept busy with it through the Olympics. I’ve also started on a baby knit for a co-worker’s first baby – it has been several years since I’ve had a baby knit on the needles.

Cooking…I’m now hooked on making homemade coconut milk (use this as my starting point)- even easier & tastier than homemade almond milk adventures. I started on a Whole 30 at the start of the month and only made it to about a Whole 12 before some business travel + snow storm limitations pulled me off course – so I’ve been focusing on Whole 30 at home and smart when away. In addition to the homemade coconut milk, some kitchen staples for me to be successful with this include “hard boiling” a dozen eggs in the oven each week, keeping homemade mayo in the fridge, roasting a big batch of vegetables…

Snacking…on a new homemade trail mix: freeze dried cranberries + freeze dried mandarin slices + freeze dried pineapple + coconut chips + nuts (cashews or pistachios). These days, I keep a bag of this in my purse or at my desk.

Avoiding…the monster potholes that are appearing because of the extreme winter weather. In the spirit of the Olympics, I have “christened” this the cross-country pothole slalom. In addition to the normal daily driving, I endured an ultra marathon event in this – a business trip up to Massachusetts meant I got to experience the course through 5 states: up on a Monday afternoon & back on Wednesday afternoon.

Lighting…citrus candles as a way to bring some cheer into the winter gloom. A large 3 wick sweet Clementine was burned clean in under a month. A recent sale had me stocking up on more citrus scents for the coming weeks (Pomelo grapefruit, Road to Capri, Lemon Leaf Mint).

Appreciating…storm preparedness and my ready box…when the ice storm came through earlier in the month – I knew I was ready to weather the power loss when it came. Stay tuned for my suggestions on a ready box.

Looking Ahead…to March…a possible spring break meet-up with my TX girlies in Washington DC…a possible business trip across the pond…time to “spring ahead” & the promise of longer days…

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  1. The candles look lovely! Stay warm 🙂

  2. Citrus candles sound perfect for this time of year! If prices are any indication, it must be orange season somewhere.

  3. Aach! I wasn’t that great at Whole30 last month, either. These days, though, I eat better on any given day than I ever did… there’ve been some permanent changes since the first, for sure.

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